Christmas time is coming soon, and it won’t be long before someone is going out and delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls. Santa Claus? Nope – Metro Kids! Thanks again to the Intermediate and Primary schools at Pacific Academy, we’ll be delivering 850 shoebox presents to boys and girls all over Surrey!
Last Christmas we sent a van-load of presents to a new apartment complex, where we only knew two families. The Christmas presents got the apartment manager’s attention. She invited us to hold Sidewalk Kids Klub there in the summer, as well as in two other related complexes, and gave us a glowing recommendation to other housing companies in Surrey.
As a result of a few shoeboxes last Christmas, we are now in contact with over 50 new children with many more to come!
If you’d like to join with us to sort or deliver this year’s sleigh-full of Christmas presents, please contact Mike at


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